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Cool Spring Crossing

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Cool Spring Crossing is a proposed Master Planned Community which celebrates the region’s coastal culture and agricultural history while promoting a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle for future generations.

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Lewes, DE

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Community review

Conservation Stewardship 2024 Developer of the year - Carl M. Freeman
Carl M. Freeman Companies was honored with the 2024 Developer Award by the Sussex Conservation District for their environmentally conscious design planning. Read more here.


Nestled within Sussex County, Cool Spring Crossing is situated along the Route 9, Lewes/Georgetown corridor and embodies the essence of Delaware's southernmost region. Spanning 938 square miles, this diverse county boasts natural beauty, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Maryland, and offers a rich historical backdrop. Sussex County’s unique position between urban centers and the serene coastline, offers a distinctive blend of coastal allure, rustic charm, and vibrant communities. 

Cool Spring Crossing is poised to play a pivotal role as a connecting link between the charming towns of Milton, Georgetown, and Lewes. Situated conveniently close to the picturesque coastal towns of Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, as well as various bayside and seaside destinations, Cool Spring Crossing provides a wealth of options for leisure and recreation.


Cool Spring Crossing aspires to create an environment where residents and the surrounding community can lead healthy and fulfilling lives, fostering deep connections with their families, their community, and surrounding nature. Rooted in the region's rich history and the site's agricultural heritage, it offers a tight-knit community that embraces an active, social lifestyle.

Our vision for Cool Spring Crossing extends beyond the physical design; it's about fostering unity among residents. We envision a walkable neighborhood with diverse housing for all family sizes, a thoughtfully planned Main Street with commercial and retail spaces, and inclusive recreational and educational opportunities. Intricately woven within the surrounding environment, trails and sidewalks seamlessly connects residents, inviting everyone to become a part of this journey and truly belong.

Cool Spring Vision
Our Mission
Our Mission


At Cool Spring Crossing, our mission is to create a community reflective of the spirit of Delaware's coastal plains. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where residents can live well and connect with family, neighbors, and nature. Anchored in the region's history and agricultural roots, we're committed to nurturing a community that thrives in its natural beauty.

What sets us apart is our commitment to nurturing genuine relationships within Cool Spring Crossing, achieved through dynamic programming and events designed to unite our residents and create a sense of belonging. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond community spirit to encompass a range of specific initiatives. The Carl M. Freeman Companies are steadfast in their plans to preserve the existing trees and significantly expand the buffer area. We're devoted to the conservation of the region's natural landscape, with a proposed preservation of 114 acres of trees, an extended buffer beyond the expanded resource buffer, and over 53% dedicated open space.

In line with our sustainable vision, significant resources are dedicated to major transportation improvements aimed at reducing environmental impact and creating a walkable community. Additionally, our blueprint includes a proposed art facility and lifelong learning initiatives, emphasizing a holistic approach to community development. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond community spirit to encompass a range of specific initiatives. Our design includes the integration of miles of multi-use trails, aimed not only at promoting an active lifestyle but also at reducing our collective carbon footprint. Cool Spring Crossing will also include a brand-new YMCA, offering indispensable health, wellness, education, and childcare services that cater to the specific needs of this locale.

Through these concerted efforts, Cool Spring Crossing is poised to become more than a neighborhood—it's a cohesive, sustainable, and thriving community where every resident can find their place and feel at home.


Cool Spring Crossing has formally submitted a rezoning application to Sussex County for a proposed vibrant new master planned development. The proposed Cool Spring Crossing community is a place that celebrates the region’s coastal culture and agricultural history while promoting a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle for future generations.

The coUrbanize site serves as a platform to showcase our most recent proposal to the County. Here are the key upcoming dates for our proposal review:

December 15, 2023: Draft For County Submission

December 20, 2023: Preliminary Land Use Service (PLUS) Meeting

January 15, 2024: Comments Back From Draft Review

Early 2024: Public Hearing Before Planning Commission

Our submitted proposal stands as a solution to the pressing need for workforce housing and an expanded county rental program in Sussex County. Recognizing the shortage of housing that is affordable for all, Cool Spring Crossing is committed to addressing this issue by integrating much-needed workforce housing options.

Moreover, our proposal encompasses essential transportation improvements, including an extensive trail network, enhanced buffers along the property, and plans for an art and educational facility. Additionally, a crucial part of the community plan is the provision for a YMCA, catering to health, fitness, and childcare needs.

These diverse elements form an integral part of our vision for Cool Spring Crossing, representing not only a new residential master planned development but a dynamic and inclusive community committed to meeting the evolving needs of our residents and surrounding neighbors.

Main Street


Mindful Design: Cool Spring Crossing stands as a testament to meticulous planning and purposeful design. Our design approach is a departure from conventional development paradigms that predominantly feature standalone single-family homes lacking substantial amenities or inclusive benefits for the broader neighborhoods. By embracing a holistic and forward-thinking approach, our development blueprint represents a shift toward diversity and inclusivity.

Our carefully crafted plan is designed to cater comprehensively to the needs of the surrounding region, encompassing a wide spectrum of essential elements: varied housing options, robust amenities, thriving commercial spaces, healthcare through Bayhealth, childcare through the YMCA, educational opportunities, and transportation enhancements. These provisions extend beyond our immediate boundaries, enriching not only our community but also positively impacting the broader neighborhoods we serve. Our commitment to these improvements is geared not only toward fostering a vibrant Cool Spring Crossing but also toward contributing positively to the well-being and growth of the entire surrounding community.

Diverse Housing Options: Cool Spring Crossing proudly champions diversity and inclusivity through its extensive array of housing choices. Emphasizing a crucial need in the county, our community is dedicated to offering workforce housing and rental options, meeting the demand for affordable living in Sussex County.

Beyond affordability, our community also offers housing for growing families and active adult living. Our development also emphasizes interconnectedness with over 53% open space, ensuring that every home in Cool Spring Crossing is seamlessly integrated with the surrounding natural beauty. Cool Spring Crossing is a place for everyone to reflect the rich diversity of the county. Its unique design allows families of all sizes to flourish and enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle.

Preservation of Open Space: At Cool Spring Crossing, our dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Sussex County is evident in our deliberate planning and commitment to sustainable development. We plan for approximately 295 acres of open space and green areas, of which over 114 acres are preserved existing forest area. This expansive allocation of land ensures a coexistence between our community and the natural environment.

Our focus extends beyond mere preservation; we prioritize community. Embracing the beauty of nature, our development strategically connects residents with this abundance of open space, promoting outdoor activities, community engagement, and a sense of belonging. Furthermore, acknowledging the importance of environmental buffers, we've designed enhanced buffer zones to augment existing natural areas. These expanded buffers serve as protective shields, preserving the delicate ecosystem while fostering a healthy cohabitation between our community and the surrounding natural habitat. Our approach ensures the sustainability and vitality of Cool Spring Crossing while nurturing a thriving, interconnected community deeply rooted in its surroundings.

Infrastructure Enhancement: As part of our commitment to comprehensive development, Cool Spring Crossing is addressing vital infrastructure enhancements to benefit both our community and the broader region. Our development plan integrates essential upgrades to local infrastructure, ensuring a seamless living experience and supporting the surrounding area's growth.

With Cool Spring Crossing being along one of eight Delaware Authority for Regional Transit (DART) routes, we will collaborate with the Delaware Authority for Regional Transit (DART) to incorporate a transit route into Cool Spring Crossing. This strategic inclusion would establish a convenient public transportation network, offering residents easy access to transportation services and bolstering connectivity within and beyond the community. Moreover, emphasizing our dedication to fostering an active lifestyle, our design prioritizes the development of an extensive trail network connecting to the surrounding towns of Lewes, Milton and Georgetown. This trail network is also intricately woven throughout the community, promoting walkability, and providing residents with opportunities for outdoor recreation and engagement with nature. 

We acknowledge the significance of traffic management and transportation infrastructure. A comprehensive Traffic Impact Study (TIS) has been conducted with results dictating the necessary enhancements to transportation infrastructure as determined by the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT). In alignment with our commitment to the community, Cool Spring Crossing's estimated transportation improvements and contributions is $15-$17M. Understanding that DelDOT was also undertaking the Coastal Corridor Study, our team proactively reached out to DelDOT to meet and discuss Cool Spring Crossing to ensure the proposed project was included in any analysis. These actions signify our proactive approach to alleviating traffic concerns, supporting sustainable transportation, and positively impacting the region's infrastructure network.

Community Amenities and Resources: Cool Spring Crossing is committed to elevating the overall quality of life for both residents and the surrounding neighborhood through the introduction of crucial amenities. Our envisioned offerings go beyond residential spaces to encompass essential services and facilities that enrich daily life.

Adjacent to our community, the 50,000 square foot Bayhealth primary hospital is poised to provide accessible and comprehensive healthcare services. This facility stands as a cornerstone for health and wellness, ensuring residents have convenient access to essential medical resources right within their neighborhood. Moreover, through the YMCA, our development plans include much-needed childcare services, promoting a family-friendly environment, and supporting working families within the community. This facility will also provide residents with a wide array of fitness activities, educational resources, and community engagement opportunities, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

In addition to these healthcare and wellness amenities, Cool Spring Crossing aspires to fill existing gaps in the region by introducing an assisted-living campus, medical offices, a theater, educational facilities, retail spaces, and a grocery store. This vision aims to create a comprehensive community hub that not only caters to residents' needs but also enhances convenience and accessibility for the broader neighborhood.

Family in Park
Farm to Table
Natural Environment & Farming


Vast Acreage: Cool Spring Crossing encompasses a sprawling 637-acre community, thoughtfully allocating 295-acres for both active and passive open spaces. The design ensures the conservation of the region's natural landscape, with a proposed preservation of 114 acres of trees, an extended buffer beyond the expanded resource buffer, and over 53% dedicated open space.

Diverse Homeownership: With a vision of inclusivity, Cool Spring Crossing is set to develop up to 1,222 homes catering to a diverse range of homeowners. This includes entry-level homes, workforce housing, market rate residences, second homes, active adult living, and one-level condo living, making room for a broad spectrum of residents to own homes.

Rental Program Options: Cool Spring Crossing proudly champions diversity and inclusivity through its extensive array of housing choices. Emphasizing a crucial need in the county, our community is dedicated to offering workforce housing and rental options, meeting the demand for affordable living in Sussex County. The community will offer 700 workforce village homes of which 175 are rental homes that are part of the Sussex County Rental Program ensuring a comprehensive range of housing choices.

Thriving Commercial Hub: Cool Spring Crossing brings forth a bustling commercial district, featuring 231,500 square feet of non commercial space and 183,475 square feet of commercial space. This vibrant area will host a variety of boutique retail, restaurants, a grocery store, and a gas station for the convenience of residents. Additionally, for the well-being of the residents and the broader community, a brand-new YMCA and Bayhealth hospital are set to be an integral part of the landscape, fostering fitness, health, and community connectivity.


The Cool Spring Crossing project team is in active collaboration with Sussex County to align the project with the needs of the region. Currently, the project is undergoing a thorough review process. We encourage you to consult the Timeline for upcoming events and milestones. To stay informed, we invite you to Subscribe for email updates and participate in our Feedback section where you can share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions. You can also sign up to communicate directly with the Cool Spring Crossing team. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of Cool Spring Crossing.






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